Management Team

Managing Master Program in International Health – Special Program of Implementation Research on Tropical Diseases has been a unique experience for the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

There have been multiple challenges to organize this program in the existing university academic system. First, the Faculty needed to intensively collaborate with international students who have various academic and professional backgrounds. Combining the curriculum of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to shape the curriculum of the special postgraduate program of implementation research on tropical diseases also posed the need to conduct additional dialogues with various experts. Most importantly, the management team and the international students also went through adaptation and negotiation of expectations in terms of the management system of the program.

However, we believe that after some years of study program maturation, the Special Program of Implementation Research on Tropical Diseases would eventually grow as an internationally- recognized and high-quality study program. Efforts to persistently improve the quality of the study program and continued collaboration with scholarship funders are thus needed to maintain this program in future.

Elsa Herdiana Murhandarwati
Ari ProbandariRetna Siwi Padmawati


Academic  Staff

1.Yuyun Yohana (Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing)

2.Emilia Wulandari (Public Health Study Program)

3. Weni Salmiyati  (Tropical Medicine Study Program)

Finance Staff

  1. Yulistiarini Kumaraningrum (Head of Finance and Asset)
  2. Agus Maftuchin
  3. Dian Ayu Wulandari

Room Class