Master Programs in Public Health FK-KMK UGM

Among graduate programs offered in The Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing UGM, The Master Program in Public Health has the largest in terms of programs and number of students enrolled. It offers twelve majoring within the public health field namely:

  • Field Epidemiology/ Training Program
  • Health Promotion and Behavior
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Nutrition
  • Health service management
  • Hospital management
  • Health financing and insurance
  • Drug policy and management
  • Health Information System
  • Environmental health
  • Occupational health, and
  • International Master Program in International Health

The Master Program in Public Health is determined in preparing graduates with outstanding leadership in public health settings while strengthening their knowledge and skills in public health research and advocacy. 

Graduate Program on Public Health-Special Program of Implementation Research on Tropical Diseases 


Implementation research is a growing field that supports the identification of health system bottlenecks and approaches to address them, and is particularly useful in low- and middle- income countries where many health interventions do not reach those who need them the most. Special Program in Implementation Research on Tropical Diseases is a two years international master program that was started in 2014 and taught in English. This program is embedded under the International Master Program in International Health. The goal of this scheme is to enhance postgraduate training capacity and boost the number of researchers in low and middle- income countries. Prospective students from Asia and West Pacific Regions can apply for a scholarship from the WHO TDR. 

Check out the program’s curriculum here