Public Health Research

Prof. dr. Adi Utarini MSc, MPH., PhD

Classification: compulsory

This course provides comprehensive understanding of research methods used in the field of Public health. Research is applied in order to better understand public health problems or find the best solutions for particular problems. In simple term, research starts with a question and ends with an answer and/or additional questions to be studied by others. The journey in the research process is reflected in the learning outcome and structured sessions. Examples will be mainly drawn from epidemiological and health system research in the field of reproductive health, communicable disease, health promotion and health service management. The learning process involves face- to- face interaction (lectures, discussion, practical session) and independent- learning. Interactive sessions are used to provide understanding of the concepts and their applications through examples in journals or journal readings. While the independent learning will facilitate the students to apply the concepts for developing their own proposals. Mini quiz, presentations and discussions are also used to enrich the learning process.

Session Topic
1 Introduction to research methodology and public health research
2 Topics and Problem statement
3 Literature review and hypothesis
4 Theory, concept, construct and variable
5 Research instrument: validity, reliability and trustworthiness
6 Study design 1: Cross- sectional survey
7 Study design 2: Case control and cohort studies
8 Study design 3: Quasi – experimental and experimental studies
9 Study design 4: Qualitative study
10 Sampling and data collection methods
11 Research data management
12 Qualitative data analysis and interpretation
13 Ethics in public health research
14 Development of research proposal and thesis writing