Social and Behavioural Sciences in Public Health

Dra. Yayi Suryo Prabandari, M.Si, Ph.D

Classification: compulsory

This course provides learning about the theories of sociology, anthropology and health behaviour, including sociological and anthropological approach to the material on the prevention and treatment of patients, (healthcare service delivery in health facilities, and management decision making and health policy. Topics covered include social problems in health (function, conflict and interaction), social causes of disease, culture – related health condition of a society, medical pluralism, the role of physicians and other health workers in its function as social control of the sick, the public perception of healthy and sick, gender and health, health care systems as part of the health system and social epidemiology. Determinants of social and behaviour in climate change; bioterrorism and disasters are also discussed as a global issue in public health. At the end of the course student expected to understand about the theories of sociology, anthropology, and behavioural and sociological approaches, anthropological and psychological health of the world’s social problems.

Session Topic
1 The approach of social and behavioural sciences in public health, social epidemiology and complexity in the social sciences and health
2 Culture and health and medical pluralism
3 Gender, health, social stigma and health services
4 The social dimension of culture, public perceptions about health and medicine, the concept of healthy and sick
5 Social determinants of health
6 Social change, health interventions and  professionalism in health
7 New paradigm in health promotion
8 Changes in behaviour: the theory of individual behaviour to ecological approaches
9 Social determinants of behaviour in global issues: climate change, bioterrorism and disaster
10 Special study area 1
11 Special study area 2
12 Special study area