Theory and Practice of Public Health

Prof. dr. Siswanto Agus Wilopo, S.U., M.Sc., Sc.D.

Classification: compulsory

 This course is an overview of public health as a scientific discipline. The emergence and milestone of conceptual theories and practices of public health are discussed with real cases relevant to developing countries. Methods of the delivery of topics covered in the course include lectures, and home works or assignments. The learning objectives of the course are: (1) to develop an understanding of health problems of communities and how to cope with them; (2) to understand the process of change, to define where we came from, and to try to understand where we are going; (3) to describe, analyze, prescribe, and justify interventions to protect and improve the health of populations and of individuals and monitor the outcomes of interventions; (4) to describes communicable diseases and programs for their prevention, control, elimination, and eradication; (5) to understand health in the family context; (6) to understand quality health care for all as a basic principle.

Session Topic
1.  A History of Public Health
2.  Expanding the Concept of Public Health
3.  Measuring and Evaluating the Health of a Population
4.  Communicable  Diseases
5.  Non communicable  Conditions
6.  Family Health
7.  Special Community Health Needs
8.  Nutrition and Food Safety
9.  Environmental and Occupational Health
10.  Organization of Public Health Systems
11.  Measuring Costs: The Economics of Health
12.  Planning and Managing Health Systems
13.  National Health Systems