Biomedical Engineering

Biological or medical application of engineering principles (as the theory of control systems in models of the nervous system) or engineering equipment (as in the construction of artificial organs) the application of biological techniques to create modified versions of organisms.

Research and Activities

  • Research highlight:
    • The use of “gelatin hydrogel” as scaffolds to trigger the application of PRP regeneration of peripheral nerves
    • Citicholine to trigger the regeneration of peripheral nerves
    • Comparison of neural structure and quality mechanical sheep and pigs deselularisasi
    • Optimization deselularisasi hepatic
    • Functional recovery of peripheral nerve injury induced
    • by gelatin-hydrogel scaffold and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
    • Histocompatibility Test Of Gypsum and Combination of Gypsum-Carbonate Hydroxyapatite Bone Substitutes in Subcutaneous Tissue
  • Consultation
  • Academic: thesis/ dissertation mentoring
  • Training


Rina Susilawati, Ph.D

Bagian Histologi dan Biologi Sel
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