Cancer Research

The vision of the cancer research cluster is to be an excellent center of cancer research studies to support the quality of undergraduate and graduate education as well as the Specialist Education and community service. To carry out the development of translational cancer research center with a variety of national and international collaboration also to implement ABGC cooperation for the development of cancer research-based products/ services.

Research and Activities

  • Research highlight:
    • Development of cancer biomarkers (miRNA 21, 155, 541) in breast cancer, NPC, cervical Ca and HCC (proposed program through the University Featured in program preparation Debt Swap Indonesia – Germany); Graduate Grant Program 2013-2018
    • Cancer stem cell research (featured university research)
    • Photodynamic Therapy in NPC (collaborating with AvL, the NL)
    • Awareness of Health Professional in NPC (collaborating with KWF – AvL. the NL)
    • Micro RNA on Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
    • NPC, Head and Neck Cancer
    • Hepatocellular Cancer
    • Gastric Cancer and H.Pylori
    • Leukemia
    • Nephroblastoma
    • Cancer Stem Cell
  • Consultation
  • Academic: thesis/ dissertation mentoring
  • Training


Prof. dr. Sofia Mubarika Haryana, M.Med.Sc.Ph.D

Gedung Radioputro Sayap Barat Lt. 2
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Jl. Farmako Sekip Utara, Yogyakarta 55281
Telp: 0274-555455