Herbal Medicine

The vision is to become an internationally recognized Herbal Medicine Center which is excellent, independent, and prestigious, to serve for nation and its prosperity based on Pancasila (Five Basic Principles). In the year of 2014, this center conducted various activities in research, community service, publication, collaboration, as well as in training activities, some of which are research collaboration with Sardjito Hospital in producing herbal extracts, Bioassay guided isolation from natural resources training, and some international publication covering herbal medicine.

Research and Activities

  • Research highlight:
    • Mechanism Action Analysis of Ethanol T. diversifolia Extracts with propidium iodide in WiDR cells and acute toxicity testing In White Rat Wistar strain.
    • Effect of ethanol extract of turmeric (C. longa) and curcumin on FSH-stimulated pig folliculogenesis, LH and PGF 2α: Assessment of estrogen levels, the expression of LH receptor, estrogen receptor and G protein β.
    • Tithonia diversifolia extracts mixed with sand ginger (kencur) cytotoxic test on Widr Cell.
    • Anticancer activity of Ethanol Extract standardized Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsley) A. Gray. and Curcuma domestica Val. on rat model of breast cancer as well as toxicity
    • Development of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsley) A. Gray. and Curcuma domestica Val. as a additional therapy for breast cancer (Preclinical and Clinical Studies test)
  • To facilitate the research and preparation of samples to standardized products.
  • To facilitate the development of herbal ingredients into new drugs through the stages of development of a drug.
  • To establish mutually synergetic cooperation with pharmaceutical industry and institutions at home and abroad.
  • To perform public service and academics through seminars, workshops, consultation and counseling.


Prof. Dr. Mae Sri Hartati W, MSi.,Apt

Herbal Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Gedung Radiopoetro, Jl. Farmako Sekip Utara
Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Gadjah Mada
Email: maeshw98@yahoo.com