Pediatric Research Office (PRO)

Pediatric research office was established to conduct research activities in children to improve the quantity and quality of education and services, and empower medical and health professionals in different types of levels of education; conducting research and studies in science and medical technology, ethics-based translational approach; and also developing collaboration and national and international networking. Key research activities in 2014 were Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance (in collaboration with WHO-SEARO), research collaboration with MCRI in the field of Maternal Antibodies, and RV3 in collaboration with MCRI-Biofarma.

Research and Activities

  • Research highlight:
    • Hospital-based Surveillance and Strain Characterization of Rotavirus Diarrhea Indonesia
    • Cut Latitude Study on Nutrition and Health Status and Dietary Patterns As a result of milk Drinking Habits in Children by Age 3-5 Years (Reto)
    • Prospective Observation Research on Rotavirus Infection among Infants in Several Locations of Indonesia to Prepare Rotavirus Vaccine Efficacy Clinical Trial (SPS)
    • Eliminate Dengue Project
    • RV3 Oral Rotavirus Vaccine Trial for Protection of Infants in Indonesia Against Rotavirus
    • Research on Contact Investigations of Childrens Exposed to Household Adult with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Resource Limited Setting
    • Impact of Maternal Antibodies on Rotavirus Vaccine Immunogenicity in Developing Countries
    • Clinical Evaluation of Dengue and Identification of Risk Factors for Severe Disease: A Multicenter Study in 6 Countries
  • Consultation
  • Academic: thesis/ dissertation mentoring
  • Training


Prof. dr. Sri Soeparyati Soenarto, Sp.A. (K)

Bagian Ilmu Kesehatan Anak
Fakultas Kedokteran UGM/RSUP Dr. Sardjito

Jl. Farmako Sekip Utara, Yogyakarta 55281
Telp: 0274-555455