Policy and Health Management

This center aims to conduct research, consultation, networking, advocacy and dissemination, and training in health policy and management. The center is the largest research center in the Faculty, performing 13 research activities and 18 trainings-conferences in 2014. CHPM has four divisions, i.e. Hospital Management, Quality Management, Disaster Management, and Public Health Management. Key research and training activities conducted in 2014 were Health Policy Network-AUSAid, Family Planning Review in JKN with UNFPA, PEER Health – USAID, Capacity Building on Natural Disaster Risk Management for Communities in Small Islands, and Blended Learning Program on Fraud in Health Services in Hospitals.

Research and Activities Coverage:

  • Management consulting for health service management in public and private institutions.
  • Consulting on the quality of health services in public and private institutions.
  • Health service management and policies for National Development Planning, Health Ministry, Interior Ministry, and Labor Ministry.
  • Partnerships with various international organizations, such as WHO, World Bank, ADB, USAID, AUSAID, IDRC, KNCV, European Commission, and others.
  • Organizing in-house management training.
  • Organizing seminars, trainings, researches, and workshops on health service management and evidence-based policy making.
  • Publishing Journal for Health Service Management.
  • Web-Based knowledge dissemination program. There are websites on policy, management, priority issues, and journal.
  • Expanding CHPM network, especially for international collaboration regarding international health policies and priority diseases control program policy and management.

Divisions and Supporting Units:

  • Hospital Management Division
  • Public Health Policy and Management Division
  • Quality management Division
  • Disaster Management Division
  • Leadership and Communication Laboratory Unit
  • Seminar Unit
  • Publication Unit


  1. Dr. dr. Andreasta Meliala, DPH, MKes, MAS (Director)
  2. Yodi Mahendradhata, MSc., Ph.D

Gedung IKM Baru Sayap Utara Lt. 2

Jl. Farmako Sekip Utara Yogyakarta 55281

Phone/ Fax (hunting): (+62274) 549425
Website: chpm.fk.ugm.ac.id
Email: chpm@ugm.ac.id