Tropical Medicine

The vision of the Center is to be an internationally recognized center for research and training in tropical diseases. In line with this vision, the Center has dual missions to develop new knowledge, tools, intervention and strategies for tropical disease control and to strengthen the capacity of human resources in disease endemic areas. There are five research divisions within this center, namely: Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Dengue, and Neglected Infectious Diseases. In 2014, this center conducted 14 research activities and 14 training activities. Some of the prominent research activities are: International Research Consortium on Dengue risk Assesment, Management, and Surveillance (IDAMS) Project, Strengthening Clinical and Epidemiological HIV Research Capacity: Field Research Training Program in collaboration with Kirby Institute University of New South Wales, and Eliminate Dengue Project (EDP) Yogyakarta.

Research and Activities

  • Research highlight:
    • New diagnostic for smear negative TB
    • IDAMS (International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, Management, and Surveillance) Project
    • Integrated diagnostic algorithm for neglected infectious diseases
    • Predictive value of dengue warning signs
    • Evaluation of malaria antibodies as serologic marker for transmission in high endemic area in NTT and in area entering Malaria Elimination Programme of Sabang
    • Strengthening Clinical and Epidemiological HIV Research Capacity: Field Research Training Program
    • MDR Costing Study 2013
    • Survey on knowledge, attitude and behaviour of medical school fresh graduates in Indonesia for TB control
    • Serological Study Malaria Free areas of Kep. Seribu DKI-and Bali (Year-3 Extention)
    • Multicentre Study on the predictive value of warning sign in dengue patients
    • Health seeking behavior of community members presenting with abdominal syndrome in Maluku Tengah district,Maluku province, Indonesia
    • Spatial analysis of the incidence of G6PD mutations in Plasmodium malariainfection in South Central Timor (SCT), East Nusa Tenggara (ENT) Province, Indonesia
    • Retention in HIV Programme
    • Developing the Proposal for the Global Fund Phase of SSF (GF Renewal)
    • Eliminate Dengue Project (EDP)
    • Clinton Health Access Initiative, Technical and Implementation Support to Operational Research (OR) in Tanah Papua
  • Sending senior staff to attend short courses abroad; developing multidisciplinary research; disseminating research results; improving the quality of education through improved teaching and learning tools such as reference books and journals.
  • Developing the Master Program of Tropical Medicine.
  • Organizing training, internships, seminars, national/ international, and health education related to tropical diseases and scientific meetings with national and international experts.
  • Developing collaboration and partnerships with national and international institutions.
  • Conducting research on malaria, DHF, vector, tuberculosis, HPV/ EBV and malignancy.


  1. Prof. dr. Supargiyono, DTM&H, PhD, SpParK.
  2. dr. Riris Andono Ahmad, MPH, PhD

Tropical Medicine Center, Universitas Gadjah Mada

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